I. Those Who Speak for Themselves – theatre performance and format

Phase 1 / Theatre workshops

The work is built on the principles of shared experience and respect for the creative personality of each participant. The process starts with theatre workshops focusing on textual sources, light and sound design. Participants are provided with "tools" for their own artistic discoveries.

Artists invite participants into the process of open creation.

Phase 2 / Artistic creation & work-in-progress

The second phase evolves into an artistic creation, in close collaboration with the artists and the selected participants. The theme arises from the creative process. Participants are expected to be willing to experiment, play and reflect on the ongoing process.

Phase 3 / Premiere, shows in Prague and touring

The resulting performance premieres in June 2021 at the Archa Theatre in Prague. Touring follows in the Czech Republic and abroad in the 2021/2022 season. The performance will be presented at the opening of the International Summer School of Theatre in Social Context 2021 and will serve as a methodological and thematic basis for the school curriculum.


Theatre performance Those Who Speak for Themselves transforms Archa Theatre into a huge gallery where authentic life stories of twelve women become the exhibits. The audience is left with the decision whether they will experience all the stories or only certain parts of them and the order in which they will assemble them. An important part of the unique theatrical installation by theatre director Jana Svobodová is the original music of Michal Nejtek.

Those Who Speak for Themselves is a show in which the performers are not actors. They don't play roles. They only represent themselves. Stories intertwine, people meet unexpectedly. Like when you walk down the street, you think of something, someone passes by and you catch his sentence. And it folds into a new story. Then it becomes the only story, yours.