Teater Leikhus from Norway –

Teater Leikhus is an artistic platform that focuses on creating performances as experiences. The audience is invited to step into our spaces and their presence cannot be denied. With that, the stories, expressions and explorations are influenced by and intertwined with the present people.
Teater Leikhus works on the interdisciplinarity of various art expressions. What happens if the soundscape gets a larger focus? Or if one of the senses is removed? How does this affect the experience?

Teater Leikhus is an organisation based in Norway, Oslo. Since the group started in 2015 hey have produced eight shows and among them productions like DADA, Hurray Hanna, 1144, Jeg gikk meg over sjo & Land, Hazard, Fine Dining and others. Teater Leikhus consists of four artists; Ida Sofie Straume, Eva Rosemarijn, Lise Andrea Grimelund-Kjelsen and Irene Nessa Bjornevik. 


LungA School from Island –

The LungA School is an independent, artist-led institution where experiment with artistic practice as a way of doing, thinking and being in order to cultivate, disturb, distort and transform the notions of aesthetics, learning, perception and good judgement.
As the name implies it considers itself a school, but also a creative hub or 'a commune'. These terms seem to be able to describe some aspects of this place.

The LungA School encourages a person's uniqueness and support the students on their path towards a stronger sense of self, along with developing an understanding of the world we live in, and their ability to act in it. This is achieved by using the language and practice of art.
The students are given an experimental educational experience as a foundation for further artistic practice and studies, work life and life in general.